How do I add my FFL business to this site?

See our Add page for more details.

What does it cost to list my FFL?

The standard listing is free but we have paid options to enhance your listing's visibility.   Please see our prices.

How do I delete my information from this site?

Fill in this form so we can verify you are who you say you are. We'll remove it promptly.

Can I advertise with you?

Yes you can advertise your gun related business with us.  We have many visitors a month and they're all researching gun transfers and purchases.  Contact us when you're ready to discuss.

Can you hold my gun?  Can you transfer my gun?

No, you need an FFL to do that.  Find one in your state.

I am having a bad experience with my gun shop. The shop owner was mean and grumpy, what should I do?

We are not the authorities, or have any control over any firearms transactions. Personalities are different. If you can't get along, send your business to somebody else.

I purchased a gun on (or another online auction site) and the seller never shipped it to me (or my local FFL).

Discuss this with your local FFL that you are doing the transaction with. If you two decide that your firearm was stolen, contact your local sheriff or appropriate law enforcement authority.