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Search our FFL list of handgun and firearm shops by state. We are always refining and adding new local gun shops, gun stores, and FFL gun collectors to keep our status as the top resource on the web for finding FFL holders.

What is an FFL?

A Federal Firearms License, FFL, is a license granted by the Federal Government through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). A FFL is required for businesses involved in the sale of firearms interstate and intrastate, and for the manufacture of firearms or ammunition.

FFLs are more than gun shops and stores

Gun shops or gun dealers are sometimes referred to as an FFL, FFL dealer, or a FFL holder because they have Federal Firearms License and thus are a legal business in which to sell firearms, for example rifles, shotguns, and handguns. An FFL to FFL transfer involves the shipping of a gun between two gun shops that both have a Federal Firearms License. aims to be the largest and most accurate database of gun shops. Keep watch as new gun shops are added as more FFL license holders register with our site for a free listing.

Find Local Gun Shops and Dealers

If you are looking to buy a gun locally, use our FFL search tool to locate a gun store with a FFL near you. Any questions about gun purchases your local gun dealer will be able to answer for you. Please check with your local gun shop to learn how local, state, and federal laws apply to you purchasing a gun.

Online Gun Auctions

Online gun auctions like gunbroker, gunsamerica, auctionarms, impactguns, and many others are also a great way to buy used guns and new guns and be competitive with pricing. Also, if you want to sell a gun through an online auction, you will most likely have to go through a local FFL holder for shipping to the gun buyer.

Shipping a Gun / Gun Auctions

In most cases, gun auction sellers require the purchaser to find a local FFL holder (generally a gun shop) to ship the gun to. Whether you are selling a gun or buying a gun, finding a local gun shop with an FFL is often required for shipping a gun or transferring a gun to you. Because of shipping restrictions, most firearms shipments occur as FFL to FFL transfers, not shipping firearms through the mail directly. FFL to FFL transfers are required when transferring handguns in most states. Again, check local and state laws for handgun transfers, and check with your local FFL for more information.

More FFL Information

FFLs are not limited to gun shops only. It is possible for individuals to possess Federal Firearms Licenses for gun collecting, etc. This website does not provide information on how to obtain a FFL, however it is a directory for gun shops, gun dealers, and Federal Firearms License holders. Information regarding getting a Federal Firearms License FFL should be directed towards the ATF.